Men’s Ballet Flats on the Fashion Runway Part 3


2020 seemed to be the year of ballet flats for men. A number of designers picked up on this fashion staple in their collections. The fact was even highlighted in a number of magazines and newspaper articles (see the links section of this blog), including the Wall Street Journal.


Designer Emily Bode again incorporated ballet flats in her 2020 menswear collection.



Dylan Westerweel

Dylan Westerweel is an Amsterdam based designer who strives to redefine masculine beauty and has effectively utilized ballet flats in his 2020 collection.

Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten utilized the ballet flat in 2020 to create a very wearable unisex look for men.


Lanvin borrowed from the Spanish “abarka” style to create a lace-up ballet flat for men in the Spring/Summer 2020 line.

Jil Sander

Designers Luke and Lucie Meier brought a ballet flat-like look to Jil Sander’s Spring 2020 collection


Marni is an Italian brand that has a unisex look. In 2020, they showed a ballet flat mary-jane with some of their men’s fashion from the Fall 2020 Milan Fashion Week show.


Telfar Clemens partnered with Converse to create a mary-jane and a ballet flat for the Fall 2020 fashion line.


Vaquera continued use of the ballet flat along with heels for men in 2020.

Copenhagen street style

This stylish individual was spotted during the SS 2020 Copenhagen Fashion Week wearing mary jane-style flats.


COVID 19 significantly reduced the amount of new fashion on the runway in all categories and styles including ballet flats for men were also very hard to find.

Maison Margiella

Despite the shortage of fashion during COVID, we did find that flats continued to be featured by Maison Margiella, this time in a pointed toe mary-jane for men.



Fendi incorporated a mary-jane style in the Fall 2022 line.

Molly Goddard

Molly Goddard has traditionally focused on women’s designs, but in 2022 she is developing out her menswear line in this spring/summer lineup including bright red ballet flats.

SS Daley

A new designer, SS Daley, included mary-jane t-bar flats with a schoolboy look in 2022.

More to come as we find other fashion designers putting men in ballet flats….

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