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It seems there are a lot of us guys out there who enjoy wearing ballet flats. I thought it would be nice to have a placve where everyone could leave a brief comment telling us how you wear your ballet flats and any other details you want to share. Leave your story in the comments section below, and keep it clean.

11 thoughts on “Your Story

  1. I am a flat wearer. I love the fit and find them more comfortable than men’s shoes. I also like the style. Like those pictured here, I wear them with jeans or dress slacks. Much less often with shorts. I prefer to wear hose when wearing flats, as I believe it makes them more comfortable on my foot.

    I generally wear Silk Reflection by Hanes knee highs as they are cool to wear, particularly in the summer. My legs are shaved, as there is almost nothing more gross than matted hair beeath hosiery. When I am desiring a bit more stealth in my flat wearing, I will wear dark hose, either barely black or jet black, depending on level of stealth desired. Darker hose reduce the stark transition from pant leg to flat that neurtal hoisery present. When I am wearing the Barely There shade does standout. Almost always I made by passersby when I am wearing them. I have to admit, it is kind of fun to watch there reactions.

    Shorts and sliky pantyhose is another matter. I save these more daring moments for when I am traveling. They do draw long stares and even photgraphs.

    I often carry a Coach file style purse when when I am wearing flats, particularly when I am wearing womens slacks. Womens dress slacks often have wider bottoms,which makes the flats not so evident.

    While ballet flats are my favorite, as I like how they hug my foot, I do wear pointed and almond toed flats as well. I probably have 20 pairs of flats, mostly black, but there are pinks, greys and blues as well.

    I have a few pairs of black patent leather flats. They are fun to wear when I have that “who cares” feeling going on in my head. I might as well be wearing fushia colored shoes, as they standout like oh heck.

    So put on your flats and head outdoors. It is a blast.


  2. Good to see others dig flats too!

    I always have, but finding larger sizes was near impossible. Finally there are larger options:

    The most inexpensive, and best option, where ease of order meets $, especially for larger sizes.
    These are a good mid-cost option. They run a tad small, but have a removable insole, that I was able to replace with a thinner more supportive insert. The sole is rather grippy too.
    Another option for larger sizes. Removal insole for custom or off the shelf inserts.
    I’ve been intrigued by the Eko and Lotus for a while. They only make a small number, but custom made, and will do customization, larger sizes (no cost) and colours (extra cost) upon request. I was finally able to get an order in this month. Will share my take once they arrive. They’re definitely the costliest option but made to order in Greece.

    Whilst they’re not flats, I really dig Duckfeet for their Mary Janes. Sizes up to 46! is the main site. I’ve ordered from both with success.




  3. I like ballet flats since I remember. As I don’t have the confidence to buy a pair of ballet flats yet and where I live it’s really hard to find a pair that could fit my size since women’s ballet flats are only available in little sizes, I “created” my own flats from a cheap Toms-like shoes that I modified to ballet flats style. The result it’s not perfect but at least I can wear a style of shoes I like and fit to my size. I wear them in private with joggers or shorts and I feel good.

    Sorry for my English, it’s not my native language. I just wanted to share my story.


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